Six Trips, Excursions, And Vacations To Unplug And Unwind From Your Everyday Life

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Got some vacation time coming up? Instead of spending a fortune fighting lines at theme parks or popular attractions, do something that is invigorating and relaxing. Get off the internet, turn off the TV, and take time away that will inspire and renew.

Six trips that promise an opportunity to unplug and unwind are:

1. Cycling tours. Grab a partner, friend, or significant other and go on a cycle tour offered by a company like Cycle Bella Italia. These are rigorous activities that will get you up close to nature that you might have otherwise overlooked, and there is little time for internet and smartphones. You will return from vacation refreshed, accomplished, and confident.

2. Boat charter. Take a break from civilization and charter a boat. Head out on the open water for a serene setting to read, eat, and rest, while getting a little sun at the same time. If you like to fish, bring your gear; cooking your day's catch will add a sense of satisfaction to your time away.

3. Yoga retreat. Another way to unplug and disconnect from society is at a yoga retreat. These overnight programs often have strict guidelines on internet usage or phone calls, as it can take away from the calming experience that is the intended goal.

4. Appalachian Trail. Start getting fit for a hike along the Appalachian Trail. If you are a novice hiker, join a tour for long days of hiking and idyllic nights of camping. Plus, this is a great way to see a part of the country that remains untouched and unscathed by modern technology.

5. Volunteer mission. There is nothing that feels as good as doing something for someone else; a volunteer adventure or relief mission can provide that feeling for you during your vacation. Donate time to help Floridians recover from a hurricane or spend a week away building a deserving family a home. You will come home with a new appreciation of all that is around you.

6. Spa stay-cation. Stay off social media, forget about emails, and don't tell anyone you are staying home during your vacation for a 'stay-cation.' Book some services at a high-end spa, shop for healthy food, and spend time pampering yourself. You will spend less money than a conventional vacation and return to work or school rested and rejuvenated.

Try something different during your next vacation; use these six tips to inspire your much-deserved time off. Unplug from social media and the internet to fully unwind and relax, and do something that nurtures your body and spirit.