Don't Leave For Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip Without These Six Things

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Embarking on a guided deep sea fishing trip can be the experience of a lifetime, whether you're a dedicated angler or new to the sport. But if you want to ensure you have the best time possible, it's important to pack wisely. Don't leave for your deep sea fishing trip without these things in your bag.

Your Fishing License

In many cases, you'll have to apply for a fishing license before you're allowed to fish off the boat. The fishing trip company might help you procure this license in the local jurisdiction, or they can at least tell you where to send the paperwork for the license.


In most cases, there will be items you can purchase on-board the boat, from fish cleaning supplies to snacks. Bring some cash with you since there are not exactly ATMs and credit card scanners out at sea! One exception may be if your fishing company accepts Apple or Android Pay, but you should still pack some cash since there may not be great phone service in the middle of the ocean.

A Cooler

Chances are, the fishing company will provide you with a means to keep the fish cool on board, but you will need your own cooler to take the fish from the boat to your own home (or hotel.) If you bring your own cooler on the boat, you only need to pack the fish once, which saves you time.


Bring along some Dramamine or other sea sickness medication just in case you start feeling a little queasy on board the ship. The ocean tends to be pretty calm once you get out into the deeper waters, but early in the voyage and towards the end, things can get a bit rough.


The sun can really beat down on you in the middle of the ocean, making your fishing trip pretty miserable. To prevent sunburns, apply sunscreen in the morning, but also bring it along so you can reapply it after a few hours. That evening sun can be sneaky and is a lot stronger than you might imagine. 


Of course, your eyes need some protection, too! The rays bouncing off the water can really make it tough to see what you're doing without a good pair of UV-blocking sunglasses.

Bring these things along, and you're sure to have a great time on your deep sea fishing adventure. Go to sites of local companies to charter your deep sea fishing trip, and happy fishing!